Wednesday, April 27, 2016

play ball! (finally!)

We officially kicked off the softball season this past weekend with Opening Day events including pictures, our first game and a looooooong winded opening ceremony where they introduced every person on the planet who had anything to do with this league. Ever.

Katherine did AMAZING for her first game. Five hits and five times on base.

Since this is not a competitive level yet we don't keep track of score and we play through the lineup or until there are three outs.
The fielding is kinda atrocious all around from both teams but no one cares. They are all having fun.
This is also a working event for me. This is basically what I do...

I yell out:

"Girls, listen to the batting order"

"Girls get your gloves, here are your positions"

"The following girls need their helmets on..."

"Cheer for the girl up to bat, come girls..."

"Hustle to your spot!"

"Pay attention girls!"

And you know why I am so good at this?

BECAUSE I DO THIS ALL DAY WITH MY OWN KIDS!!!! ("get your shoes on. find you backpack. turn off the TV. come to the dinner table. clear your plate...")

I am essentially a social director.

And Emily is a superstar. She just hangs out in the dugout with me and collects rocks.

We have about three games a week which is pretty intense. Plus Emily has swimming one night, gymnastics another night and Katherine has skating on Friday night.
The month of May is going to be one giant blur of chaos but it's all fun stuff and keeps these kids busy and smiling. Nothing matters more.

Monday, April 25, 2016

friday five #115

Friday Five.

On a Monday.

Sure, whatever.

1. After the rain canceled the last 5000 practices, we finally got the team on the field for one of our three practices left before our games start. We only have three returning player and maybe 2 others who have played before and the rest are clueless, but it's all good. Mark is the head coach this year which is great for him and Katherine is one of three experienced players and one of our best overall so she is really liking being one of the "senior" girls. We have 16 games in the span of 6 weeks so it's going to be slight madness but we're looking forward to it.

2. Emily is back in the pool for swimming lessons. She really came such a long way last summer, being able to jump off the dock by herself into deep water and then swim to me. Now she is starting to learn the front and back crawl. It's really exciting to see her progress so fast and she LOVES it so that makes this so much easier. Plus the pool is heated...a big bonus.

3. We attended the town wide art show where Katherine has one of her pieces displayed. I mean, is this not the cutest little paper mache penquin you have ever seen?

My parents, sister and niece came to support her which absolutely meant the world. 
This whole night truely made her feel like an "artist" and I was so very proud of her.
I have the best family ever!

4. You know what Emily and I did the other day? Hopscotch! I can't remember the last time I did this. I was pretty bad and Emily said I wasn't moving my feet the right way (of course!) but she was on fire!

5. Katherine is ending skating lessons this week but will continue on with her Beyond the Basics class, which she loves. They are hoping to expand the program and have the kids eventually do a little show at the end of a session so they had something to work for. Katherine is all over that. Her coach has recruited her for a couples skate so we are practicing our planks to get her core in shape to be lifted up. Most of the kids shy away from this but Katherine is all in. It's pretty cool to see her passions grow. She is completely a water baby and happiest either in the lake in the summer and frozen on a rink in the winter.

Have a great week!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

goodbye vacation

My girls had "spring break" last week...or as those (like us) who don't go anywhere warm and tropical call it- "April vacation".

Mark took the week off so we could do some fun stuff with the girls and get our house in order. We had a huge laundry list of things to do- none that we had a desire to do like clean out the storage area (boooo) and powerwash the house (boooo) but alas, this is life as an adult: doing tons of stuff you don't want to.

But first, fun!

On Monday, we went to the Norwalk Aquarium. It has been at least two years since we have been here AND this time we were stroller-free which was kinda exciting...until we realized this meant lugging our bags, water bottles, snacks, and 700 misc things around that we would usually shove in the bottom part of the stroller.

It is not a huge aquarium so it was totally do-able for a day. There was enough sea life to keep them occupied and interested but not too much that there was whining "I am sooooo tired...".
Yes, that's a dragon sitting on their shoulders. Katherine was digging it and Emily was like WTH? 

Ok, so lets talk about the logistics of trying to get two kids to look at the camera while the sea lion is swimming by. It was almost comical. Emily couldn't NOT look at him every time he swam by. 

We also did (for the first time) the IMAX movie, which is now included in your ticket price. I don't even know if I have been to an IMAX movie? We picked the "Born to be Wild" movie which told two separate stories of two women who dedicated their lives to rescuing abandoned baby monkeys and elephants in Kenya.

 I was completely fascinated by their lives. There they are in the middle of this African jungle just taking care of these animals- watching them play, interacting with them, loving one was texting or on their iPad.  Refreshing. 
iPhone + dark theatre= really, really blurry photo!
Katherine spent a lot of time by the touch tank, determined to feel something though only a couple things swam her way and she is so little it was hard for her to reach them.

She also got to touch a shark that was sleeping and it was all very exhilarating - aside from the fact that she got soaked and her hair was dipping in the water when she leaned over and I wanted to hurl thinking about all the disease in there (we could not get home fast enough for a shower and hair wash!)

For her birthday last year, Katherine got a camera that she can take underwater so she naturally brought it to the aquarium...under water/near water...same difference.  I am pretty sure she viewed 90% of the day through the lens. Where ever does she get that from???

On another day we went to a children's museum in Norwalk called Stepping Stones. I had not been there in maybe 4 years and it was clearly too young for Katherine and maybe even Emily but they still had fun.

We spent time in the "rainforest"...

And they made jewelry out of bamboo and coconut shells...

But, by far, the water room was their favorite part...

We also filled the week with plenty of ice cream...

And a really big haircut!
They LOVE their new hair-do and let me tell you the joy of hair washing now! A DREAM! 

Though the weather was so-so, we had lots of fun with the kids, made more than one ice cream stop and had a marathon EIGHT NIGHT sister sleepover...
We are all exhausted and's back to reality and counting down to summer vacation! (56 days!!!)  

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Saturday 17

I am thinking of starting a blog that is titled "I say I am going to stay current with blogging but that is a big fat lie".

It's just that I have just been enjoying the beautiful spring weather in Connecticut...Sunshine and 65 degrees on a Thursday and snow, sleet and rain on a Monday.

1. Katherine was challenged at school to read the Nutmeg books from last year (and get quizzed on them by the librarian) and the reward was a pizza party. Books+pizza= Katherine is all in. She was one out of 15 from the entire school who actually completed this so I am really proud of her. I thought all the books were amazing and the best part was that they were books she never would have picked up on her own- yet she really loved them. It was a fun project for us to do together so we will definitely look forward to doing this again next year.

2. This has nothing to do with my kids...but hello, the UCONN Women's Basketball team?! AMAZING! I let Katherine stay up and watch a little of the game because our house usually has baseball, football or men's basketball on so I think it's important for her to see such dedicated, strong women working together AND on a sport. Have to instill the GIRL POWER motto early on in life!

3. Emily got her chance to visit the dentist last week (for her, the excitement is all about the NEW toothbrush!) and had a great, cavity free checkup. She was mostly excited to show off her missing tooth- which by the way is half way grown in already. The tooth next to it just started wiggling so it wont be long before the tooth fairy returns. She is also getting all her 6 year old molars in right now (yikes!) so I try to remember that on her grumpy days...

4. Oh, just look at my sweet girls together. Yeah, well the reason they are huddled so lovingly close is so they can both watch a video on Mark's phone about Beanie-Boo's.  (insert eye roll!)

5. Emily is recently obsessed with making her bed. This is GREAT! But if she would only make it in the morning and not at night when she should actually be in it. Her reasoning is that she doesn't want to mess up the covers climbing under them. So EVERY night I have to tuck her back in when I go to bed. But I do love that she tucks her her little dollie.

6. Aprils Fool's Day- So Katherine suddenly LOVED this day because their teacher did cute little tricks and she thought it was so great. She came home and tried to do all these tricks like putting toothpaste on a Ritz cracker and trying to convince Mark to eat it (he didn't even after her sidekick Emily said "Daddy, eat it, it's soooo good!")  So then she was all annoyed people were not playing tricks on her. I mean COME I gotta do April Fool's tricks? UGH.

So I jokingly told her I got an email that skating was canceled because they lost power, all the ice has melted forever and now they were turning the rink into a pool.

She started crying hysterically.  #momfail.

Mark and Emily came to the rescue and while I took Katherine to skating they did a few things to make her laugh:
In addition to the antics in the bathroom, they changed all her drawers around and taped plastic spiders to her lamp and put dinosaurs in her bed. She LOVED it. And said he is in charge of April Fools Day jokes...which is I am all for not being in charge of at least one holiday antics!

7. Skating is still going well- she is on the verge of passing to the next level so is very thrilled!
Katherine loves her"beyond the basics" class she takes after her lessons and one of the teachers loves that she is so light and he can twirl her around! It is the highlight of her week!

8. The Easter Bunny brought new bike baskets for the girls which Grampy got on last week so on a sunny evening (pre-snow and hail) we took them out for a spin around the neighborhood. This was of course after Mark planned to take the girls to Emily's gymnastics class while I had to go to an interview for the newspaper...but in my constant frenzy I took my car. The car with the ONLY carseats. Sigh. #momfail#2. But a bike ride seemed to be the cure so I rolled with it.

9. And then we had a nice combo of spring flowers and snow this past week...

10. Emily created her own "computer" the other day. Even though she has a leap pad, a alphabet game and a kids "computer", the homemade paper one was more appealing.
Kept her busy for 2 hours. Amazing.

11. Sometimes you just need to jump off the bed into your stuffed animals. I don't encourage bed jumping (as all I can see is broken bones in the making) but this was too cute not to capture.

12. I also need to document how well she has been taking care of my baby doll from when I was little...

13. Katherine's softball STILL has not started. We get rained out or snowed out every week. So far, this has been the easiest season for Mark to coach. Ever. We are hoping our first practice is not our first game (in 2 weeks!!!). No photos from practice...because, you know, there's been no practice.

14.  On Thursday, Emily took a little tumble down the (carpeted-thank God) stairs. This is the second time she has demonstrated her acrobatic ability in this fashion and I am hoping it is her last. We were all relieved and thrilled to see her smiling and off to school Friday morning. (counting those blessings!)

15. Katherine has been creating a paper machete penguin in art class and it has been selected for the town wide art show exhibit. She has taken such a liking to art this past year which has been wonderful for her to explore. I am thrilled for her to be able to show off her hard work!

16. Look who was Emily's Secret Reader at school on Friday?!? 
She was pretty excited! We are going to miss preschool solely for these opportunities! 

17. The girls are now on spring break! We will be staying local and hitting up a museum, aquarium and the movies. They kicked off their week of academic freedom with a little event I like to call "taking 3-hours to fall asleep at night" also known as a sister sleepover! 

Have a great week!!